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"You have been through the fire...but I have brought you to a place of abundance." - Psalm 66:12

The Vision of Rita Queen Tate

Before visiting my web site please allow me 90 seconds to share my heart with you about the vision and purpose for "Through The Fire" Inspirations.

About "Through The Fire" Inspirations

Psalm 66:12 - The foundation

  Thank you for your interest in the history behind the ministry of "Through the Fire" Inspirations.  Our family was not exempt from facing the most trying times of our lives recently.  Who hasn't had to cope with challenges beyond our control when you want to shout to God, "Is this how You love us?"  I have been there ... perhaps where you are today.  The difficult trial hurt and wounded my spirit, but then a wonderful transformation took place in my heart as I daily sought God for comfort, hope and victory.  He graciously and patiently revealed that if I would embrace this time purposed to make me stronger and more useful to His Kingdom. The outcome would indeed, "work together for my highest good."-Romans 8:28.  

As I began to share with others the truths God was teaching me I was encouraged to use my original writings to bless others. For added testimony of God's grace I hand-tear and then burn the edges of the writings because that's how it seems at times - that we are being torn to shreds and then burned and consumed by the trial.  But amazingly, the tearing and the fire creates a beautiful unduplicated effect to the framed designs. I found this precious verse of scripture that has become the foundation of what I am doing and the name of this ministry.  "You have been through the fire...but I have brought you to a place of abundance!" - Psalm 66:12.  This is my heart's desire, that this ministry testify to this profound truth; that you may be going through the most painful and confusing time but God plans to bring you out into a "place of abundance" - He promises to restore what you have lost and empower you with more love, joy and peace than you have ever known.  I truly pray God's richest blessings are yours today.  


In Him,  

Rita Queen Tate

Creating The One-Of-A-Kind Framed Writings

     Rita is shown in her workshop where she creates her one-of-a-kind framed inspirational writings. Many are original quotes she has used in ministry over the years and she continuously writes and adds others as needed. The copyrighted piece is first printed on high-quality parchment paper. picture frames framed art

     The next step is to tear the edges of the parchment paper by hand symbolizing how difficulties can sometimes tear at our lives with a vengeance.  Then, using a hand torch, she burns the torn  edges to demonstrate the "fires" of life; the trials, the painful circumstances we all encounter.  However, even through the tearing and the fire, God gives us strength to trust and fight on in faith.

     Then, the final step is to choose a frame to hold the inspirational piece.  The frames are old, used, often thrown away and most are needing much repair. But this is where the uniqueness of the work comes to fullness.   Rita lovingly restores the frames and they become useful again; things of beauty and value once more.  The written message is placed inside the frame and the restoration is complete; like our lives after we too, have "walked through the fire."  God promises to bring us out into a place of abundance. The work is signed and numbered as a one-of-a-kind creation. Each time the new owner sees the frame hanging on the wall in their home or office her desire is that they are inspired and encouraged to go "Through The Fire" and to embrace the promise of abundance that is coming; that is her heartfelt prayer.       

The Story of the Wooden Crosses

Rita tours the old church which became her inspiration for the wooden crosses

     This church is in a remote rural area miles from "anywhere."  The locals informed her that the church died over 60 years ago and has had no ministry since that time.  It was her belief from what folks told her that the church had been "Through The Fire" in it's own history and she wanted to bring its ministry back to life.  Hence, the idea was born to use abandoned wood from the church to create unique, beautiful crosses; making it possible for the ministry of a once vibrant church to live again. 

Rita focuses on selecting just the right pieces of wood for the creation of each cross

     After selecting the wood, the crosses are assembled using the actual nails recovered from the old church.  Original glass from the church that is almost 100 years old is used to frame her writings attached to the crosses in a frame she creates.   

Actual nails from the church

     The nails shown to the left are actual nails recovered from the old church that ae used to construct the crosses. These nails are approaching 100 years in age.  They held the building together for many years and now hold a new ministry together.

The Church That Died Ministers Again!

     What a blessing to hear Rita share from her heart about her vision as she stands in the place where ministry once took place and shares her dream to make that ministry live again in her crosses!

Amazing Crosses Made Completely of Replica Crucifixion Nails

Archaeological Discovery

The nail shown above is an ancient Roman crucifixion nail found at an archaeological dig currently on museum display.

My Replicas of the Nails Often Used In Crucifixions

It was my desire to replicate the nail seen on the left to manufacture the crosses made completely of nails.  The replicas I am holding are as close as possible to the actual nails often used in crucifixions.

The Amazing Final Product

Each cross is a unique, striking, original creation .  Even the frame for the original writing attached to the cross is made of nails. There are two styles of crosses and they are seen on the store on this website.  

Rita Queen Tate

Rita also keeps a schedule of speaking engagements. Feel free to email her in that regard at rita@throughthefireinspirations.com.

Devotional Thoughts To Carry You "Through The Fire"

This week during our morning devotion and prayer time my husband and I discovered the encouraging words below from J.R. Miller written over 100 years ago that are still so relevant and moving today.  I trust his words will encourage you as they did us as you or someone you know is facing their own trial by fire. 

 "Sometimes it is very dark...we are not able to discover any beauty, any possible good in our experience.  Yet, if we are faithful and fail not and faint not, we shall some day know that the most exquisite work of all our life was done in those days when it was so dark.  If you are in the deep shadows because of some strange, mysterious providence, do not be afraid.  Simply go on in faith and love, never doubting.  God is watching, and He will bring good and beauty out of all your pain and tears."  - J.R. Miller

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